Recent news articles on MoM hip implants

Lately, we saw a number of alarming articles in the press around the topic of Metal-on-Metal, Resurfacing hip prosthesis, ASR, and metal-ions/debris. We have collected a number of these articles for you, together with a response of dr. Koen De Smet and others:

Furthermore the article of Deborah Cohen in BMJ and the response of Justin Cobb:

A very recent study report on the "Risk of cancer after metal-on-metal hip replacement" of Smith et al. (April 2012):  A linkage study between the National Joint Registry of England and Wales and hospital episode statistics. See quote below:

Main findings

Despite the theoretical risks, we did not find a link between metal-on-metal hip replacements (either stemmed or resurfacing) and increased incidence of cancer diagnosis. The incidence of cancer diagnosis is low after hip replacement and is lower than that predicted for the age and sex matched general population.

Furthermore, our models indicated that patients undergoing resurfacing procedures were less likely than those with alternative bearings to get a diagnosis of prostate cancer, haematological cancers, or any cancer and had a lower risk of death.

Also included an interesting article and discussion paper on the topic "Do Survival Rate and Serum Ion Concentrations 10 Years After Metal-on-Metal Hip Resurfacing Provide Evidence for Continued Use?" from Hartmann et al. (published in the Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research of The Association of Bone and Joint Surgeons on 6th of April, 2012). See conclusion quote below: 

Although our overall failure rate was greaterthan anticipated, the relatively low serum ion levels and norevisions for pseudotumors in young male patients up to10 years postoperatively provide some evidence of thesuitability of hip resurfacing in this subgroup.

(PS: the updated mid-long results on hip resurfacing of the ANCA Clinic will be published on this website soon)

Other related articles in English:

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