Black belt Ad Honorem to Dr. Koen De Smet

The appointment of qualifications ad Honorem is not a usual practice for the International Makotokai Federation but for special events we are happy to make an exception. The Dr. Koen De Smet is one of the best surgeons in the world in the orthopedic hips and knees specialty.


He is the doctor with the highest number of surgery made in the joints specialty and he is famous for the resolution of cases considered "too difficult" or with little chance of success. From his waiting room went athletes from around the world and all sports. Dr. De Smet plays his work in Belgium one of the countries in the world with the fewest percentage of post-operative infections. For this reason Master Bolaffio chose to entrust himself to his scalpel to solve a problem of traumatic origin that beset him from five years. Thanks to the expert hands of Dr De Smet the problem was finally resolved. For this reason Master Bolaffio asked to the President of the International Makotokai Federation to give the black belt ad Honorem for human merits and athletes to Dr. Koen De Smet.
When we put a question to Master Bolaffio about what he think about him he has replied: "I have never known a man and a doctor with a humanity and competence as that of Dr. De Smet. He is totally devoted to his work and he has very impressed me when I saw that he spent the Sunday to take care of all his patients in hospital instead of nurses.
I have never seen a doctor like him, even if all doctors should be like him, This is how I would like the medicine and medical practice.
I had the opportunity to attend to an operation similar to mine and the experience was simply unforgettable. After surgery, my first thought was - if I were younger I immediately enroll in the faculty of medicine.
I want to dedicate A thought of strength and love  to all those who carry out this work with love and dedication, as I have seen and that is possible. Thanks Dott. De Smet, thanks to exist. "

After hearing the testimony of the Master Bolaffio there seemed justified and we have endorsed his request for conferment Ad Honorem of the Makotokai Black Belt to the doctor De Smet.

The President of the International Makotokai Federation

Master Bolaffio personally delivered the Makotokai black belt Diploma Ad Honorem to Dr. De Smet

Master Bolaffio after 5 months from double-surgery to hips