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Our consultation office is in an affluent neighbourhood of Rome. In comfortable surroundings, we carefully assess your case, running x-rays and other examinations. We take time to make a thorough diagnosis and fully explain options to restore your health. We plan your treatment and answer all your questions, taking care to put you at ease. Many patients come to us following assessments elsewhere and you're welcome to send us your x-rays to benefit from our opinion.

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Surgeries take place at the exclusive Valle Giulia hospital. In this modern and technologically up-to-date facility, we closely monitor every stage of your treatment. Our surgeons visit you the night before for final reassurance and immediately afterwards to give you the good news. While Valle Giulia has a relaxed and welcoming ambience, our highly evolved treatment techniques allow for a minimal hospital stay, ensuring you can return to the comfort of your hotel in no time. 

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Our precision treatment techniques work in combination with our physiotherapy team to help you regain mobility as soon as possible. Many patients are surprised at how we get them on their feet again within a day of surgery. In the short term we assist you to recover your full range of motion and to trust your weight again. Over time you will be confidently living the life you did before your condition. Many of our patients return to physical activities and sports.

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Have the mindset of a city break and enjoy exploring Rome. At the hotels we recommend, patients often meet and socialise in a place where your every wish is catered for. The ancient city is truely a wonder of the world and with a Mediterranean climate is the perfect place to relax or make use of your new mobility. High class hotels and restaurants service the prosperous present day with unlimited options to sample refined Italian culture.

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