Instructional videos

The instructional video-clips available on this page show some aspects of the BHR hip surgery procedure.
Be aware that video-clips in red contain bloody images.
The video-clips are app. 1 to 2 minutes in length, and are available as streaming media at 400 kbps, or as downloadable image (avg. size 2 to 10 MB).



The first video presentation consist of the following clips:

  • Introduction to Dr Koen De Smet
  • A spinning BHR device
  • Preparation and placement of the acetabulum component of a BHR
  • Preparation and placement of a fumoral component of a BHR
  • Hemi-to-BHR revision after 31 year
  • Peep/creep noises
  • Sawbone bone cutting BHR versus THR
  • Sawbone normal anatomy of a hipjoint

Click on the upper-left icon to open the video playlist. Next, select the video of choice.