Research Projects

Current research projects

  • ceramic-on-ceramic stress load and wear in total hip prosthesis.
  • metal-on-metal stress load and wear in total hip prosthesis.
  • resurfacing-prosthesis with young patients.
  • development of new intramedullary trauma nail.
  • Co-worker in international multi-center-study with a newly developed, Matthys-Z-stem (OPTION 3000), a partially and proximally cemented stem.
  • development new instruments Conserve Plus resurfacing.
  • development enhanced fixation cup Wright Medical.

Studies in development and follow up studies

  • follow up study of 90 uncemented total hip prosthesis RMHS, clinical  and radiological follow up  (almost finished).
  • follow up study of Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Prosthesis - 1500 prosthesis (second largest serie in the World).
  • follow up study of Ceramic-on-Ceramic uncemented prosthesis Ancafit with exchangeable neck (200 prosthesis).
  • follow up study of revision uncemented prosthesis (125) modular Wagner system with exchangeable neck
  • follow up study with Reef revision prosthesis with distal locking mechanism.
  • follow up study of Scientific Hip Prosthesis (120 – 6 years), cemented prosthesis.
  • follow up study with Metal-on-Metal hybrid THR system (first American system in the world used). Biomet MA.
  • First Hip Resurfacing DYSPLASIA implanted, 16/02/1999 University Ghent Belgium, Dr. De Smet.
  • Follow up study in using chronic antibiotherapy in infected prosthesis (together with Dr.Vogelaers University Ghent).
  • An efficacy and safety study of rhBMP-2/Absorbable collagen sponge in open tibial shaft fractures requiring surgical management.
  • metal-ion study, follow up and activity: prospective at random study comparing 120 THR, M²A biomet, metal-on-metal metasul centerpulse, BHR MMT, Durom Zimmer/Centerpulse, Conserve-Plus Wright Medical, with Ceramic-on-Ceramic control group.
  • metal-ion study M²A device and similar THR without Metal-on-Metal comparison with Metasul;
    difference between high carbide and low carbide.
Past-Lecturer on the State University of Ghent in:
  • Postgraduate course (10 h) in sportsphysiotherapy pelvis and lower limb for physiotherapists (kinesitherapists) 1998-1999, 1999-2000, 2000-2001.
  • Postgraduate course orthopaedics – traumatology (8 h) for nursingstaff (operating room – accident and emergency department) 1998, 1999, 2000.
  • Basic-course orhopaedic surgery for orthopaedic trainees.
  • Review-course orthopaedic and traumatologic surgery for advanced trainees.
  • Instructional courses resurfacing Wright Medical / University of OXFORD (GB)
  • Examinationboard licentiate’s dissertations Moreki 1995-1996.
  • Examinationboard licentiate’s dissertations Moreki 1996-1997.
Coworker in using:
  • Orthowave program (Dr. Epinet, Bruay-la-buissière, France) in follow up of THP, and follow up studies for prosthesis.
  • Collaboration in setting up National Belgian Hip Register;
    development of software.