Overseas Patients




  1. Send X-rays in advance by normal mail (post) or FEDEX (works well) or digitally by e-mail.
  2. Ask for a cost analysis (click here), which depends on the type of operation and prosthesis and length of stay (ex. unilateral or bilateral procedure)
  3. To plan officially a procedure we need your full name, exact date of birth, exact address, side of operation and gender.
  4. People sensitive to “jet lag” are advised to come over a few days earlier, as Ghent, Bruges and Brussels are nearby and worth visiting.
  5. Fly to Brussels Airport (Zaventem) in Brussels Belgium (50 km of Ghent). You can get to Ghent by taxi direct to the accommodation or by train (link) to GENT ST-PIETERS (5 minutes from hospital, hotels and other accommodations).
  6. The hospital where Dr.De Smet performs his surgery is the “Jan Palfijn” Hospital Ghent.
  7. Admission in hospital is at the ZERO floor (opname=admission) “Jan Palfijn” Hospital Ghent.
  8. Admission at Jan Palfijn hospital takes place on a Monday or Tuesday at 2:00 pm.

  9. All payments are done in advance. Credit Cards (VISA) are accepted for the hospital payment only. The other payments are treated by the secretary of Dr De Smet. The currency preferred used is EURO (USD or CAD is also possible). These payments are done by wire transfer.
    Six months after admission the full billing administration is sent. CPT and other codes for the insurance are put on these forms! On exception and on special request this is sent earlier (ex. for tax reasons)
  10. While patient is admitted and stays in the hospital, the hotel accommodation can be used by accompanying persons or family members. The secretary of Dr.De Smet will book this, once the operation is scheduled officially and the information is given about the accompanying persons.
  11. Your stay at the Rehab Center AFTER surgery will be arranged by the office. A transfer (10 minutes) will be arranged from the hospital to the hotel.
  12. If patient arrives earlier than the admission date in Ghent, patient can choose the accommodation freely (hotels in Ghent or Bed & Breakfast).
  13. At noon a hot meal is served at the hospital, in the evening you will receive only sandwiches.
  14. Crutches (ELBOW crutches) can be bought at the hospital (current fee €35).